Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 25 Technology innovations that have changed our live

11. iPhone / iPod --  The iPhone is considered the catalysis for changing the smartphone market for the better. We can know say we have great mobile devices.
12. Mac OS X -- build on Unix and has raised the bar for innovation in operating systems
13. Multi-core Processors -- The new PC generation is based on multi-core processor for under $1000 comes with tremendous speed and performance. This is a must for next PC purchase.
14. Netbooks -- we finally have a notebook that is small in size, decent capabilities, and low prices. -- loosened up the monopoly and opened up document formatting standard
16. POE -- Power over Ethernet,  ability to power VOIP phones, access points, and appliances with out need for wall outlet power. -- one of the first virtual enterprise customer resource management systems
18. Social Networks "Facebook" has had a profound effect on the way people and businesses connect and communicate.
19. Palm Treo -- for bearer of today's smart phones.
20. Twitter -- changing the way we communicate
21.Red Hat Linux -- stormed business and took hold in the enterprise environment.
22. VMware --  vitualization done in simple terms allowing enterprise class virtula servers running on servers using very little hardware.
23. VOIP Skype, SIP -- Skype allows for cheap voice calls over internet via PC, while SIP signaling allowed for wide spread adoption.
24 Solaris 10 -- leading edge of OS technology including virtualization and 64 bit architecture and  open source strategy.
25 XP --  The desk top operating system of the decade.

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Surbhi Jain said...

I agree there! They have provided us flexibilty, convenience and mobility!! They have simplified our life to a great extent! Nice post :)