Monday, March 8, 2010

Corporate Inclusion and I.T. relations

In the coporate world, minorities and women are under represented in certain fields and especially in Information Technology ("I.T.").

In an effort to reconginze minorities in I.T. and promote advancement.  I am looking at the group B.I.T or  Blacks in Technolgy  (web site Blacks In Technolgy).

Greg Greenlee and Ronnie Hash developed B.I.T community to motivate and inspire African Americans to pursue careers in technology.

B.I.T is a social networking group that has the outward goal of  driving individaul growth, developement, and sustained success in the field of infromation technology.

We as the American consumers and work force, need to work together to develop systems that work for us and benefits us indivually and as a nation.  I commend the postive work  B.I.T is doing, especailly in the sense of helping others.

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