Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Intelligence

The age of super intelligence is upon us. The smart devices we carry allow us to have instant access to information anywhere in the world. After completing a review of a new smart phone I am rolling out, I was amazed at the capability at our finger tips.

The new device I am rolling out is a Verizon Pantech 4G which has built in video for face to face communication. The Android platform has applications that allow us to communicate socially to family, friends and business partners. Applications are constantly being written to improve our productivity, entertainment, and communication.

The pace of innovation is amazing as speed and capability increases with each new upgrade and release. High definition video, 4G speed, texting, Facebook all come included while storage increases and the devices become more affordable. The Pantech Breakout is the most affordable 4G device in the Verizon line up. See my initial review of this new high tech device.
My Pantech Breakout review