Friday, September 30, 2016

WordPress blogging platform reveiw

JBrock Consulting Inc is creating a new eCommerce site to support the mission of helping business and individuals succeed in business as entrepreneurs.  We have deployed an internal WordPress development system for testing using Microsoft WebMatrix development application.  In conjunctions with setting up a new WordPress site, we are reviewing and updating our development platform.

The first step in the process is installing and configuring WordPress. Our first preference was to host on our internal Web server.  This is the most cost effective option, but requires additional configuration and support.  We are using this as our back and recovery option.

The second option is to have our WordPress site hosted.  JBrock Consulting is a Microsoft certified, so Azure hosting and web application development was a natural fit. We were able to get our WordPress site up and running in a few hours. The speed and the performance of the site are very good and fits our needs.

The second option was to use Amazon Web Service (AWS) to host our WordPress site.  We reviewed the service and implementation process.  The configuration and set up of WordPress on AWS required a SSH or Putty to begin implementation. At the time we put, AWS on the back burner.

We are excited about rolling out our new WordPress site.  Please check out our new site at JBrock Consulting Inc.