Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wild Ride Technology Forrest

We are now in fall of 2012 and getting close to snow boarding season. I have been giving some thought to getting some new snow boarding gear!  The other night I went out to dinner with the family and did some shopping in the South Shore mall.

We went to North-face to check out snowboarding pants and video cameras. I always thought North-face gear was nice but  kind of expensive. I checked out the snowboarding pants and they seem reasonably priced around $250.   I checked out the Go-pro  video camera and think there pretty cool. After browsing for a little while, we decided to leave. 

While outside the store, I notice the increasingly popular bar code on the entrance window.  I promptly down load Bakodo bar code reader  from App store and  scanned the bar code. I then down loaded The North Face mobile application to my Iphone. I can now easily review all the snow boarding pants, check price,  and user reviews.

I find it amazing how far technology has come.  I plan on purchasing some cool new snow boarding pants and a mobile camera to document my Wild Ride through the technology Forrest. Make each run your best!