Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technologies that changed the decade and some live

Every decade new technologies have been developed that improve business and quality of life. Over the last decade there have been some great improvements in technology, here is a list of some:
  1. 3G Broadband -- gives us the ability to access the Internet any where in the U.S. and Europe. Carriers use (UMTS / EVDO) standard which allows smartphone, laptops to get internet access any where.
  2. 802.11G wireless networking protocol allows for the transfer of large files to other systems on the same wireless network. If you are installing a wireless network, make sure it is 802.11G.  802.11G has allowed for the spread of WI-FI to most public venues.
  3. AJAX standard scripts for building web appliation technologies. I need to build AJAX to create attractive and interactive web based graphical user interfaces that do no require plug in or extensions that work with most browsers
  4. Amazon EC2 -- rolling out cloud-computing platform, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, business are capable of running their operations on EC2
  5. AMD64 -- AMD builds 64 bit platfrom that has become main stream.
  6. Blackberry -- mobile device build around business, resulting  in the term "Crackberry"
  7. Blade Servers -- rack mount servers consoladating space and cooling.
  8. FireFox -- Mozilla forced browser innovation, resulting in more and better choices
  9. Bluetooth -- wireless innovation allowing us to go hands free.
  10. Google Apps / Gmail  provides features, convience and reliability for many businesses.
Many of us use these technologies in are daily lives to be more productive. Implementing and customizing these technologies can be very benefical for business and their employees.

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Zadling said...

The Blackberry is listed but the iPhone is not. Firefox gets the nod ahead of Google Apps? I would put the iPhone #1 with Google Apps in the top 5 after 3G and wireless networking.