Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conscientious consumer

Conscientious consumer -- When and where we, the American consumer, spend our dollars has a huge impact on the global economy.

As we spend more and more dollars on goods made overseas imported into the USA, we see many USA jobs sent and outsourced to foreign lands. To change the way corporate executives conduct business overseas, we need to change our buying habits:

My buying/purchasing matrix:

1. Buy the best product to fit your needs.

2. Where is the product manufactured? Purchase USA products of equal quality first, if possible.

3. Corporate image, does the company ship USA jobs overseas? (Buy else where)

4. Purchase and support companies that our keeping jobs in the USA!

5. Purchase products from companies that provide goodwill (charitable)

6. Purchase products that our environmental friendly (Green).

7. Purchase and support companies that stand against discrimination and corporate greed!

8. An informed consumer is a good consumer!