Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Customer Service a dirty work? Probably not for these companies

The listed companies below got the highest vendor rating in a national publication. This favorable rating should drive some business to these companies. What are these companies doing right to receive such high praise? I will be reviewing how these companies to see how they can help you and my firm Jbrock Consulting

  1. Contact Center -- Genesys Telecommunications
  2. Web Self Service -- Rignt Now Tehcnologies
  3. Workforce Optimization  -- Verint systems
  4. Feedback Management -- Allegiance
  5. OutSourcing -- Convergys
Looking for some type of data analysis that shows customer satisfaction / loyality is key to repeat business. Surely this is true, but how can you maxmize and turn into new sales?  Business development is key to generating income!

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