Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Protection against security breach

In today environment, data breaches are very common.  The latest breach affects 2 million Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter passwords. The hackers installed key logging software maliciously on computer around the world. The software virus captures log in password and sends data to remote servers. Trustwave researchers discover the servers on 11/24/13 in the Netherlands.  The server contained passwords for 93, 0000 accounts on various web sites: Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter,  ADP, Linkedin and more. According to ADP, Facebook, users have been notified and passwords reset. To cover their tracks, hackers used a Proxy server to route compromised information.
It is recommended that you change your passwords on a regular basis. Users should change passwords at least 3 times per year,
The affected sites L( Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter,  ADP, Linkedin)
Review the following:
1.    Two set password verification should be set up on all web sites especially financial.
2.    Password rotation system should be developed
Once hacker has users ID and password, the first thing they do is access your email. The may send out spam or viruses. They are really looking for your bank account information. They will try the obtained user ID and password to access your account. It is very important to have different password for key accounts.
Improved computer forensics should help detect and prevent these type of security breaches in the future. More information to follow on protecting your on line account to follow!