Championship Corner -- the love of the game

Since I was a little kid, I always loved sports. I have many found memories of great victories, heart breaking loses, and great friendships made along the way. Sports have always been a big part of my life and this is a chronicle of my athletic endeavors.

Through out my career I played and coached championship teams, I have moved on two officiating. I currently officiate football, hockey, and baseball. In my preparation for the baseball season I am reviewing umpire plate mechanics:

In order to be the best umpire possible, you must study and prepare for each game. Team work among the officials is key to calling a good games. As I prepare to be a plate umpire I am looking at focus and form.

Focus -- be aware of game situations
Form -- before putting ball in play, make sure all players and partner are ready to go and verify the count in your mind

Focus --be ready for every possibility
Form -- stay relaxed until pitcher has committed to the plate

Focus -- have clear defined strike zone
Form -- plate stance is consistent for each batter

Focus -- concentrate on each pitches location
Form -- in position to maximize view of the plate

Focus -- call a consistent strike zone
Form -- follow pitch with eyes, not head

Focus -- make one call, the right call
Form -- will read, pause, and react

Focus -- move to follow the developing play
Form -- come up aware of potential plays

Focus -- move the game along
Form -- allow game to establish a natural rhythm

Communication --

focus -- clear and concise play on and off field
form -- pre-game meeting, introduce yourself, line up, ground rules

no throwing helmets or bat (warning / ejection)
no collusion slide to avoid
no jewelry
hustle on and off field

responsible for player and proper equipment
no argument of umpire judgement (safe,out, balls, strikes)
Call time out if you are leaving dug out
no trash talking

Show care and professionalism in look and preparation

Consistency --

Be slow making calls, especially balls and strikes

Let ball stop moving before call fair or foul.

Plate umpire runs up line after every hit following runner looking for swipe tag, interference, obstruction call every time unless a runner is in scoring postion

let the game begin