Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Review

We have began the process of migrating to a Hybrid Hyper V cloud infrastructure. The process of developing the next generation platform provides great value. The evolution of  Social media is driving big data housed on servers around the world.  The utilizing  of virtualization and the cloud, improves flexibility, redundancy, and overall management of the infrastructure.

The goal for our migration to virtualization and Hybrid cloud is to respond to customer needs faster, save money for our clients, and integration of onsite and cloud infrastructure.

The following benefits can be realized by Azure cloud infrastructure:

  1. Azure Stream Analytics provides insight into devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications.
  2. Azure Document-DB none SQL query and transaction processing.
  3. Increased privacy protection and improved security compliance.
We are implementing Azure automation to save time and money completing cloud management tasks. We are looking to improve operations and customer services utilizing Azure platform!