Monday, July 26, 2010

Smart Phone replaces lap tops

As Smart Phones become more technologically advanced and new applications are developed; having critical data available for business users is a must. Smart phones are now integrated in to the information technology infrastructure.

Today’s savvy worker has the flexibility to work in the office, on the road, and at home. Today’s smart phones allow you to stay in touch anywhere in the world.

As social media has increased in popularity for personal and business use, most mobile devices have application that allows you to update your status from your phone. As business use increases, having access to Facebook, Twitter, and possibly Linkedin becomes more important.

As the smart phones increase in speed and functionality, mobile users will use their lap tops and PC less often. I will be testing and reviewing the Droid-X compared to Blackberry smart phones.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Video Surveillance and security uses

The use of video has evolved so we can capture every aspect of life. We use video cameras on our phones to capture sporting events, special occasions, and to remember loves.

Video capture devices have advanced where we can capture a person face in minimal lighting and a licence plate on a get away car.  For many business is has become very beneficial to keep an accurate video library for many purposes.

As the use of Video Surveillance and security has grown the need for storage and capacity has doubled.  Most of the high end storage system are now clustered and include fail over in case of disk failure. Video storage is very write intensive to the disks. The use of share  Internet protocol storage is essential to reduce over all operation cost.

All types of video are common place in every day life. I hope the use of video improves the quality of life.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Socail Media search -- develop leads

As social web sites gain popularity, many businesses, recruiters and professionals are using tools on these web sites to connect. Down loading applications to your PDA has become a must for the savy technology users to always stay connected. Getting instant updates on your PC and PDA can keep you in the loop and get you hired.

Developing strong on line relationships and getting postive reviews and recommendations can prove you have stong business and technical skills. As the use of socail media as evolved, to this end; the average user is now spending more time on socail web sites than reading email which can significantly open leads and potentials.

A developing trend is to use Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to promote business, get leads, and advance your career. Tying together, social media sites, blogs, web site presence, and public relations can go along way to enhancing your overall success.