Friday, May 20, 2011

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Shell Shocked in honor of the military

I had the honor of doing volunteer work umpiring baseball at Fenway park. The baseball ball game was to raise money for the Boston foundation.

The Boston Foundation helps many service men and women deal with post tramatic syndrome after returning home from war. They cover expenses not covered by insurance such: medication, psychologist, hospitalization for post tramatic syndrome.

We should thank the military service personal for service and dedication in very difficult circumstances. The war on terrorism has subjective people to seeing death and destruction that the mind is not ready to cope with.

I hope the service men and women come home safely and are able to adjust back in to civilian life. To deal with life threatening altering situations, your survival instinct kicks in.

When your are getting bombarded from all sides you become shell shocked. To survive in the most dier situations, you must alter your thinking to survival mode.
A singular postive thought,while removing yourself and compartmentalized your experience, in essence protecting your spiritual being. God bless our military!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mobile life

As smart phones have improved technology in many phase to include social media. Most technical savvy users get a good portion of their information from the web including: Face book, Twitter, and many online sources. The ability to choose and run all kinds of applications on Blackberry, Android, and iPhone as made our live truly mobile.

Many people now spend more time on their smart phone, iPads, lap tops than speaking to friends and family. We spend a majority of our time communicating through our mobile devices. We communicate with each other via Facebook, texting, blogging, and occasionally make a phone call.

The mass array applications we can use: Google maps, Facebook, texting means we are constantly in touch. The million dollar questions is, how much will it improve ultimately improve our lives? The answer is ultimately in our hands.