Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harvard's Black eye

A young man named Justin Cosby was murdered on the haloed ground of Harvard yard. The death of an alleged drug dealer on campus has stunned many. In the fall out, a young black woman's future comes crashing down as she is expelled due to her link to the killing.

Chanequa Campbell 21 claims she is being targeted because she is black and poor "The Boston Globe". She won a scholarship from NY Times and Coca-Cola an was due to graduate during the spring or a week after the murder. She has since been kicked off campus.

According to the investigation, the murder was a result of a botched robbery.The alleged drug dealer was shot for marijuana and $1000 in cash according to police. Chanequa was friends with the alleged murders girl friend who is a student a Harvard.

Supposedly, the issue revolves around a security pass that was given to the killer. According to sources, the murder took place in a different dorm then were Chanequa lived.

According to police investigation, this robbery was planned but resulted in murder. To the causal observer, this young woman future has crashed due to her association with the thug element. So the question becomes, if this woman has not been convicted of a crime; is it fair to punish a student based on association?

Many people come from varied back grounds and have friends or associations that have made mistakes. As a society, do we expect people to change over night. If you are from a poor neighborhood, should you have to give up all your friends because of a possible criminal element. Many people and institutions (Harvard included) make decision based on good or bad publicity, not always bases on the facts. It is very disappointing that some ones fuure and goals can come tumbling down and collapse due to some dumb decision or mistake.

Harvard has done tremendously good job at helping and promoting minority who have acheived great things in the U.S.A and through out the world. Barack Obama being the latest and current president!

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