Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Computing Domaince at an end for Microsoft and Bill Gate

Bill Gates and the computing revolution

Bill Gates built a computer empire that crushed rivals and dominated the desk top software market for the last two decades. Gates brilliance revolved around great technical knowledge, strategic business development, and a personality that was a great driving force.

Gates no longer runs the day to day operations, but Microsoft has approximately 84,00o0 employees and 68 billion in annual revenue. Gates now spends his time running the Gates foundation.

The magical combination Gates used was technological brilliance along with uncanny business sense. Gates was able to build upon technical and business knowledge at the MIT Sloan school of management. Gates used his technical knowledge to build and design PC operating system software that allowed for a relatively inexpensive PC's that every one could afford. The windows operating system is installed on 1 billion PC's or has a user base of 1 billion users.

With these vast resources and now that Bill Gates is retired, can Microsoft maintain it's dominance and fend of Google? I will look at Bill Gates' legacy at Microsoft and the computer industry in general.

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