Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cyber Security

As the U.S. department of Defense reviews it security initiative and policies, what can we do to improve our personal security?

The first step to improving your personal security is to have good anti-virus and spy ware. Viruses and spy ware are usually installed on computers that have security holes or vulnerabilities. It is very important to keep your software (Microsoft Windows, Office, Adobe, Apple) up to date with latest security patches.

Many computer systems are infected by getting tricked into visiting malicious web sites that install viruses and spy ware to gain control of your PC. The hackers launch attacks, steal information, once access is gained.

A properly configure firewall can prevent infections and keep you safe. To improve your security, you should run a virus and spy ware scan at least monthly.

If you need assistance removing viruses or spy ware, please feel free to contact me directly. Here is to safe surfing and computing.

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