Friday, July 17, 2009

Barack Obama's Harvard years influence

Barack Obama Harvard years

Barack graduated from Harvard law school J.D. magma cum laude in 1991. He was the first black student elected as president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

Barack made his distinction at Harvard law school via a well known path to academic excellence. Barack broke down many barriers that existed for minorities. He supported and helped his classmates and the Coalition of Civil Rights to get Harvard to hire more women and minority professors.

When Barack decided to run for president, most people did not give him a chance. Many minorities did not believe that "white people" would support a black candidate. Once it was clear that Barrack could relate and appeal to all people, then people began to believe he could win.

Many Harvard educated people are helping reshape Health Care, turn the economy around, and save the environment with green initiatives. I will be reviewing who these people are and how we can help turn things around.

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