Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Security against the latest threats

Typical network security involves implementing a firewall. The firewall is a barrier between you and the evils of the internet.  Most good firewalls will examine common ports and protocols and ban and bar any suspicious packets from entry.

As many treats got more complicated, trusted sources, ports, and protocols carried any number of threats. It has become increasingly important to look inside data packets while nothing their source, destination, and type.

My typical network security  configuration deploys a firewall, content filtering, anti-virus/spam, and intrusion detection. As the number of device appliance increased, so does the cost associated with management and licensing. Out of necessity and consumer demand, unified threat manger (UTM) was designed. I will be reviewing UTM.

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The Real Ginger said...

Thanks for this post--I don't have a clue about internet security and after being attacked by viruses on more than one occasion recently, I need all the help I can get!