Sunday, December 27, 2009

Learning from a successful coach

IT Leadership:

  1. The ability to have every one focus on a common goal
  2. Get the team to commit and devote to the process (role model)
  3. Commitment in your focus -- conversations, promptness, attention to detail, show concern for people
  4. Empowerment -- get feed back, ideas, and input on decisions
  5. Set expectations for yourself and staff
  6. Coordinate team events such as: service projects, dinner parties, and various outings.
  7. Help others achieve their goals will inspire effort and enthusiasm.
  8. Establish expectations for performance and hold people accountable
  9. Find out from every one what they bring to the table
  10. Always continue to develop expertise
  11. Extra effort to develop an edge / niche in the market
  12. Continue to raise your game via networking, education, and conferences.
Develop a pattern of success.

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