Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Managing security associated with cookies and password

Managing cookie and your password

On the privacy tab there is an advanced button used to manage cookies. Cookies are text files placed on your computer by web sites you visit directly (1st party) or indirectly(third party) ads banners. The cookie can contain any data the company wants to store. The cookie is often used to track movement on web sites (shopping ) and passwords. Therefore, you should select advance button, select override automatic cookie handling. You should select prompt for both 1st and third party cookies. After you get comfortable managing your cookies, you can allow session cookies to be enabled. Session cookies have less risk than persistent cookies.

You may wish to evaluate each site to determine whether you want to allow or block individual cookies. You probably would want to block sites that our advertisements. By selecting sites button, you can manage cookie setting for specific sites. The last option you may want to consider is, setting the privacy setting to high. If this causes any functionality problems, you would have to allow cookies for this site to work properly.

Lastly for Internet Explorer, I will review advanced setting you may want to set.

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lena said...

I never actually pay attention to anything any parties store on my system :D
Maybe I finally should look into cookies too.

Great blog you have here :)