Thursday, June 18, 2009

Economic Stimulus and security

The economic stimulus plan should help us improve infrastructure (roads, Bridges), save energy by going green, expand high speed Internet, and improve computer security. For many of our unemployed workers, competition for jobs is very steep. You have to have specific skills or go back to college or technical school.

The government and the prior sector has acknowledged the need for more technically trained worker force especially in the science, math, and engineering fields. We must lead in the creation on the next wave of technology innovation especially related to green energy and computer security.

A computer security expert like myself, is very interested in getting more talented people interested in computer science. There is such a demand for highly trained and skilled individuals in the science fields (computer science, green energy, health care, mechanical engineering related to road design).

For the US economy and it workers to prosper, we must lead once again in all facets.

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