Sunday, March 1, 2009

What in it for Me -- Stimulus Package break down

Stimulus package break down:

Families will receive $1200 tax rebate check in the mail. (Base on adjusted income calculations)

Package break down by percentage 35% tax cuts 65% spending (790 billion)

Transportation, Housing, Urban Development:

Energy and the environment 57.17 billion Green energy -- (Solar, Wind, Aut0/electric)
Agricultural and rural development 34.24 billion -- High speed Internet rural areas
Commerce, Justice, and Science 14.17 billion -- research funding
Labor, health, education -- 90.59 billion -- benefits (unemployment), update and modernize health computer system, educational loans

Federal and State Government 45 billion -- Infrastructure funding at the state level.

Note propose number and calculations

The stimulus package will save some jobs, help certain industries, and create new jobs. As citizens and tax payers, we need to hold state and federal government accountable for the good and bad decisions made. People need to get behind the good programs by promoting while limited the bad that hurts every one in general.

Follow me for more detail to come.............

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