Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cyber and Network Security Talent

In a slow economy where jobs and incomes are adversely affected, crime increases do to many factors. Computer hacking and identity theft are a huge problem. To combat domestic and foreign threats to government and business networks, we must produce more security technicians and engineers.

Many companies have out sourced network security due to lack of skilled professionals in the USA. The government has put a limit on visas for foreign students and USA students are not going in to science and engineering, especially related to computer systems. We have to do a better job or attracting top students and emphasizing the exciting and challenging field which is computer science.

US government and private computer networks were hacked 37,000 times in 2007. These attacks are only escalating in frequency and complexity.

Typically, 50 -60 computer security doctorates produced in the USA, only 15 - 20 teach in the USA. The net result of this, terrorist, criminals, are gaining trade and national security secrets as we fall behind in counter terrorism.

We need skilled professionals who truly know and under stand control systems cyber security. Senators Rockefeller and snow will introduce legislation to create scholarships to encourage more students to enter computer science.

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