Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stimulus what in it for me "Technology Infrastructure"

Stimulus what in it for me "Technology Infrastructure"
When the home land defense department was created, the big buzz was, how do we protect the USA for domestic and international terrorism? The best way to accomplish this mission is up for debate, but basically revolves around sharing information. (911 report -- CIA &FBI)

President Obama technology agenda: The goal of technology innovation is to improve the lives of all American. There should be a free and open exchange of information which will "create a more transparent and connected democracy".A percentage of the Stimulus funding (20% - 40%) is to employ technology to solve our most pressing problems: "clean energy, health care, and public safety".

Some Key area that can improve America's Competitiveness
Invest in the Sciences -- the stimulus package doubles funding for basic research over the next decade.

Invest in University reach -- fund exceptional researchers at this level.
R&D Tax credit -- promote skilled research to improve technology infrastructure

Improve USA education in Math and Science Education --Math and Science as a Priority: Recruit highly qualified math and science teachers

Improve Scientific logic -- evaluate skill such as inference, logic, data analysis, as opposed to memorization of facts

Turn around HS drop out rates

Foster Math and Science students-- database for future scientists relating financial aid from government and or private resources.

Increase science and math graduates -- improve studies in K - 12 and prepare students to enter field.Encourage post-graduate work while including more minorities and women.

Science and Technology investments:

Over haul Health care by investing 10 billion / year for the next 5 years to move toward standardized electronic health records system.

Invest 150 billion in green technology over the next 10 years fostering engineers and scientists to develop bio fuels, hybrids, solar renewable energy and new updated electric grid. This investment will create 5 million new jobs.

Improve public networks especially broadband access and first responders.

Advance Biomedical research.

Advance stem cell research.

There is plenty of opportunity for skill professionals with in these expansive programs.

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