Friday, October 16, 2009

Manage Success -- a New England tradition

What can we learn from other’s success?

The Story of a Hall of Fame Coach Bill Bellchick

As the story goes, Bill got his love of football from his father Steve. Steve an immigrant got to college on a football scholarship. As a player Steve realized he would some day like to coach.  Steve loved to break down film, analyze play principles, various formations, and scout opponents for hours.  By the age of ten, Steve’s son, young Bill (being around his father) would spend hours absorbing every fact, thought, and perspective.   The key is identifying and developing a love for what you do.

Bill’s early guiding principles were order and patterns through football.  Bill would play football at prestigious Andover Academy and receive a football scholarship as well.  His major in college was economics; this would dictate how his teams would manage the salary cap, and how he would value his players. A key piece to building any successful business is, providing a great product at a great price.  The final result would be the molding of a championship team, the New England Patriots. The NE Patriots championship teams of the 90’s lacked super stars, but had many great team players. Many of these players performed above expectations, providing great value, and contributed to one of the most successful teams in NFL history.  Through tradition, principles learned: hard work, thriftiness, and moral responsibility, Bill and Patriots were able to build a dynasty that many believed was impossible.

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