Thursday, October 8, 2009

IT security breaches what are the damages?

After many well publicized security breaches at large companies, the damage and resulting aftermath is costly and disturbing. Over the last 12 months security breaches have become a large problem for many companies. You can attribute attacks to economic conditions and to new hacking techniques with wide range objectives.

According to studies, the numbers of security breaches are the same as last year, but the damage is more severe. The average cost on a security breach is $85k, lost business, security repair.

Based on recommendation from FBI and Homeland Security Assessment:

Companies need to adhere to rigorous attention to security and the implementation of security technology such as Firewalls, Anti-Virus solutions, and intrusion detection systems.

Implementing a password security policy is key. Help desk support should be trained on how to verify users identity prior to releasing passwords; especially over the phone. 

Setting up self automated password reset technology can be very useful in managing users’ password. Taking these steps can minimize damages from a security breach. 

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