Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stem cell research

Stem cell research
Does stem cell research have the potential to save and benefit life. If stem cell research can cure cancer in our life time, would we be more tolerant of abortion and pro choice. To really understand these questions, we must understand what stem cell research is all about.

The first scientific break through was related to embryonic stem cells used to grow human cells such as: blood and skin cells. These specific cells can be used to re engineer cells to repair damaged tissue.

Research related to stem cells has been limited, because congress limited public funding for any research related to embryonic cells in 1995. Due to these bans, much of the funding comes from private sector.

The ethical disputes centers on when human life begins? Some people consider human life to begin when the egg is fertilized. In this scenario, the embryo is consider a human life. Conducting research on an embryo would in some way destroy a potential human life.
On the other side, a fertilized egg must be implanted in the uterus to sustain life. In Vitro fertization generates embryos that are excess and therefore, could be used for research.

There is valid points to both agreements and the true test is, whether scientific advances, improve life and are used in the most ethical ways possible.

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