Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Immigration "The good, the bad, and the ugly"!

The good immigrants helped build America into the country it is today. Many immigrants came here and built successful business and contributed to our economic growth. The US is truly diverse country where Evey one has a chance to be successful. Additionally the USA has access to talent through out the world, who want to work under our H-1B visa program.

Though out the last few decades, we have heard more stories on illegal immigrants who live in the USA illegally. For many of these people, they have been here for decades and have children who are presumably legal citizen by birth. Many of the the illegals are uneducated and perform very low wage jobs that helps many of our service industries run such as: farming, season employment,construction labor etc. With out these workers, many of our industries would have a problem (labor shortage).

The ugliest of the situation is, many of these people get a free ride (health care, crime,welfare, etc which hurts our legalized citizens. We need to know what has been done to improve the situation? These our the facts I will try to uncover.

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