Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Google maps GPS navigation

Use your Android phone for GPS navigation via Google maps.

Google maps is built into Android devices so the set up is relatively simple. To use Google maps as your GPS, complete the following:

  1. Turn on local Stand alone GPS service (settings, locations, security)
  2. Select Google maps on home screen
  3. Accept Google service agreement
  4. Google maps will typically calculate your location based on GPS signal availability
  5. Select options button                           
  6.       You will be prompted to enter start (my location GPS) and End point (destination)
  7.    Google maps will give you directions, miles, time based on traffic (you can switch to transit, walk, bike mode)
  8.    Finally you can view directions base on map or navigation (voice and turn navigation)

This can be quite handy if you want to save on purchasing separate GPS system.

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