Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life’s Bucket list review

  1.       Be happy -- find a way to achieve happiness and peace. “Money cannot by happiness”
  2.        Challenge yourself physically and mentally. Everyone needs a reason to get out of bed.
  3.     Strive for perfection, but do not be hard on yourself if you fall short.

  4. Find and develop hobbies:    My hobbies and  challenges include: Kite boarding, surfing, wake boarding, sailing, golf, snowboarding , snow mobile in the clouds, landscaping, etc.
  5. Travel and see the world and make some friends along the way. Destination list: Hawaii, Miami, Aruba, Bermuda, Hilton Head, new destinations I have not seen yet.
  6. Make the world a better place.

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Michael said...

Hey Jonathan, I like the post (and I like kiteboarding too, it's hard not to enjoy life when you get a good session in here and there).

I thought you might be interested in sharing this resource with your readers, it's called and you can use it to compare anything, from surf spots to smartphones. Let me know what you think, shoot me a note at if you think its something you might want to put up and need some more info. Thanks man. -Mike