Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Writing applicaions on a modern platform

As cloud computing evolves, developing application interfaces is an emerging niche. The cloud service become a valuable tool when it improve service and decreases cost. This is difficult to accomplish but companies must be able meter usage and charge for services provided.

Some of the more popular cloud offerings are: Google business applications, Microsoft Azure Office 365, connectivity applications for iPad, Playbook, and the many tablets that are being introduced in to the market.

Here is a review of the Platform: iOS SDK and available tools: The tool set to develop on Mac, iPhone, iPad uses Xcode 4.02, iOS SDK 4.3 Integrated developer  Environment. The cost is $99 per year. The developer program allows for writing, testing/debugging, and distributing apps through iTunes App store.

Goal is write first application for iPad solving a business problem.

Once the application is completed Apple must approve placement on App store which is a long time consuming process.

The Apple platform has a unique advantage in applications can run on desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phone which is great for the customer base you server.

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