Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Information Technology companies for 2010

What does it take to be one of the best Technology companies to work for? Having a great management team and a CEO who supports and values employees is very important. This usually results in high morale among staff and employees.

Top information technology companies based on various rating systems:
1. Intel chip manufacture

2. Genentech biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

3. sales automation

4. Adobe PDF reader developer

5. Qualcomm mobile communication provider

6. Flour engineering and construction company

7. Google best benefits and perks industry wide

8. Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceutical highest ranked among women

9. Synopsys electronic design automation EDA

10. Analog Devices signal process design and top green for reducing carbon foot print

11. Apple hottest consumer products and minimal corporate politics

12. National Instruments 11 year reputation of a great place to work

13. NetApp enterprise storage company

14. Shutterfly Internet social publishing great medium size company

15. Mitre system innovation non profit for Government

16. Slalom Consulting Microsoft business intelligence partner

17. SAS Institute security firm

18. Boston Consulting Group BCG excels in equality and human rights

19. Bain and Company consulting tops in career development

20. Facebook internet usage power house

Does corporate good will and reputation result in higher gross profits and stock prices. I hope to analyze this relationship.

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