Monday, July 26, 2010

Smart Phone replaces lap tops

As Smart Phones become more technologically advanced and new applications are developed; having critical data available for business users is a must. Smart phones are now integrated in to the information technology infrastructure.

Today’s savvy worker has the flexibility to work in the office, on the road, and at home. Today’s smart phones allow you to stay in touch anywhere in the world.

As social media has increased in popularity for personal and business use, most mobile devices have application that allows you to update your status from your phone. As business use increases, having access to Facebook, Twitter, and possibly Linkedin becomes more important.

As the smart phones increase in speed and functionality, mobile users will use their lap tops and PC less often. I will be testing and reviewing the Droid-X compared to Blackberry smart phones.

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Anonymous said...

Please be sure in your reviews to compare the Droid to the most similar BlackBerry, not to the Pearl.

Also, keep in mind that many software companies that provide industry specific programs are compatible with Blackberry phones and the designers spend a great deal of time ensuring that functionality, and Droids just aren't supported for the most part.

If you're wondering how I know this, I work for a software developer, and we get to tell clients daily, "Yes, your Blackberry users will be able to use this, no, your Droid and iPhone users will not."