Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guidance and Responsibility

The world is despertate for guidance and for individuals to take responsibility for their actions. Through out the world there are so many companies, organizations, and groups that are seriously lacking proper guidance and therefor, individuals taking responsiblity for their actions.

BP and their CEO have not take responsiblity for the worst oil spill in U.S. history and they have to pay dearly.  Us as consumers must take repsonbility and never purchase purchase products from companies that do not act responsible.  In some sense, the US work force and consumers must fight to keep and bring jobs into the US.

As more individuals fail to take repsonbility, more over  all corruption occurs. The US as a country and inviduals in particular must get back to doing the right thing.  Fight for a better tomorrow and a bright future.


SHERI said...

BP should take responsibility for the clean up of this problem, but we also must accept responsibility for the decisions that led to this. We are not going to stop using oil in the immediate future, so we need to be more responsible in the acquisition of oil. Because we didn't want oil to be drilled closer to the shore, we approved drilling in waters that were ridiculously deep. Had this happened in shallow water, or water only a few hundred feet deep instead of thousands, it would have been repaired almost immediately.
As to the responsibility question, however, the BP spokespeople sound like they are assuming the responsibility (see website: )
I think we have to give them a chance to make good before we boycott them (and putting them out of business won't allow them to make good).

Brian L. said...

Good subject Jonathan. I agree with much that has been said. The bigger question in my mind hhowever is not where to place blame but how to fix it. In my view, our government is not enlisting the experts needed. Creative thinking is absent as they are too focused on penalizing culprits. Point of reference is the financial meltdown, all bank CEOs were called to Washington to feel flames and put their minds together to fix it - FAST. You can argue with the results but the best thinking available was at least ENGAGED. My gut tells me that our leaders first underestimated the situaton and secondly relied on laws which did not contemplate such at catastrophe. BP therefore is being sacrificed on a world stage daily - now their government is finally stepping in to stop us from tryign to kill them. this is foolish.

My view is as follows: Focus on solutons. Anyone who offers a better verifiable solution within the next 30 days gets $XX,XXX,XXX. If it's a government - it's 25X. Would you care? Holding BP solely responsible, although legally correct, has delayed our chances for a solution and is truly an insult to all our intelligence. If we are truly outraged by this and feel hopeless, offer the most sizable bounty available to the world - to fix it! Think Bahrain, Saudi and Russia - all oil drilling countries...I have not heard that they have even been consulted with. Please correct me if I'm wrong.