Friday, January 8, 2010

Nexus One and mobile productivity, and our digitial life

Now that Google has launched the Nexus One into the smart phone market against BlackBerry and iPhone, how does it stack up?

Base on reivews, here are some the key features it brings to the table:
  • The interactive home page does sound cool,  there is a pond setting where the water ripples when touched and leaves float around.
  • The Andriod open source O.S. has improved built in speech recongnition software. The applications that use voice (as opposed to typing) is where most of the productivity gains will occur.

  • The voice recongination software allows you to pull up contacts by speaking their name,  saying message will converts voice into type. The voice recongination software can annouce who is calling you, convert in bound SMS tesx to voice, say calendar appoints, read email etc.
  • Popular internet socail media sites are built in such as: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps GPS and search accept voice commands.
  • Retail price over the web is $529 which is unclocked or can use any carrier, T-Mobile contract $179, not yet available on Verizon network.
  • GPS shows current location and direction from here
  • Great screen 3.7 inch and  fast 1 GHz processor
  • Many open source applications to improve productivity
Taking these capabilities to improve performance, productivity and staying in touch is key.

I will be reviewing these voice applications on the Andriod O.S. and the BlackBerry platforms. I will let you know how they can help you achomplish more.

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