Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web Browser security -- protect your data and I.D.

Web Browser Security
Hackers are using vulnerabilities in Web browsers to comprise computer systems. Many of the high profile security breaches have resulted from web browser security holes. I will be reviewing how to protect your data and your Identity.

Web Browser features vs. risk:
Active X is used by Microsoft Windows Explorer and allows application to use the browser. Active X has been targeted by Hackers and used to comprise many systems.

Java is object orientated programming that develops content for web sites. Java applets require a Java virtual machine that has the capability to modify operating system settings if exploited properly.

Plug-ins applications are used with browser such as Mozilla, Safari and Adobe Acrobat and typically can not be used outside of browser application or Adobe flash. Plug-ins can contain programming flaws such that allow buffer over flows and other security violations.

Cookies are files used to store data about certain web site. If a cookie is used to store log in I.D. or password, a hacker could obtain unauthorized access to that site by obtaining the cookie.

I will be covering how to secure you browser in next blog.

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